On behalf of HCLC childrens ministry team we welcome you to HCLC and thank you for entrusting us with your child.

Enrolment Procedures

We would be delighted to help you enrol your child and if you need help then please look for our leaders wearing red t-shirts at enrolment tables.

Signing In

Signing in your child every Sunday ensures their name is added to the enrolment. Upon enrolling you will be given a card Please note that your child will only be release to you the parent when you present the card. Children leaving parents for the first time many be anxious and so please feel free to remain with your child until you feel confident to leave.

Child Protection

All leaders must be policed checked and have a recommendation from a member of the HCLC leadership. No child is permitted to be alone with a leader. Adult visitors are to wear a visitors badge so that they are easily identified to children parents and leaders.


We try to make our program fun and exciting so that children will be fully engaged. Positive behavior is reinforced through rewards and encouragement. In extreme circumstances where a child has repeatedly disobeyed a leader and behavior is inappropriate the child may be placed back in the adult service with their parent. Parents will be advised of inappropriate behavior